Finish the year strong!

I don’t know about you, but I am down to 5 weeks of class remaining.  It is easy to wish the year away and then get to these last five weeks and think about how much there is left to do!!!

Wherever you are in your curriculum, I encourage you to incorporate a “passion based” unit in the next 5 weeks.  Take a break from the stress of  “covering” or the worry of planning and creating and just add in something new, engaging, and cultural!

Suggestion 1: Try a reader.  Whether you read as a class, use my free reading club pack, or read FVR style, a reader is an engaging way to get a lot of input in at the end of the year!

Suggestion 2: Try a song of the week.  Not sure where to get started?  Some of my favorites are here: Suena el dembow, Me niego, Sofía, Paraíso, La bicicleta

Suggestion 3: Try a cultural unit!  For late level 1/2 – Educarse para superarse, for level 2/3 Comer para vivir, for 3/4 Medicina o cura, for 3/4/AP Mar de plástico or El agua es vida, for some time outdoors Biodiversidad y conservación!

Suggestion 4: Try a movie talk! For anyone: Animales Redondos  For level 1 El regalo or La abuela que baila, for level 2 El cacto y el banco or Runaway, for level 3/4/AP Atrévete or Parecidos

Suggestion 5: Try a quick cultural read!

Ecuadorian Food, Guayaquil, Galápagos, Panama Canal

Free: National Geographic Explorer Story and Map TalkAceites Esenciales

Suggestion 5: Try wrapping up a unit differently! Discussion Thursday, Yellow Brick Road Retell

No matter what you try, have a great time.  Make memories that your students will take with them for a lifetime!

Blog Posts on new things I’ve been trying the last few years:

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FREE UNIT: Material World – a unit on world homes

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Snapchat and Frida Kahlo (the reader but could be adapted to her art only)

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  1. Señora, I noticed in one of your units that I bought that you use Scholastic Explora tu mundo – selvas tropicales. Amazon sells that one book for 46.00. Yikes! How do you use that in your classroom? The book is amazing. The language is perfect for the students just taking it slightly above their level of comprehension yet not difficult enough for them to understand. I would definitely love to use them next year. What do you recommend?

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