Novel Study: Different Readers

In Spanish 4 we are reading our last novel “reading club style” with a twist… they are in self leveled groups but they’re all reading different comprehension based readers!

For our first week, they read blurbs about the 4 different texts and ranked them 1-4.  I used these results to sort them into 3 groups: Santana, Piratas y el Triángulo de Bermudas, and Guerra Sucia.  I have some interesting observations to share after day 4… D10AED54-DC2F-47D8-B9F9-3AFDD0FFF73A

The groups are 100% on task but they are as different as their novel choices.

Group 1 has an easy read, Triángulo… they are having a great time.  They laugh and read aloud in Spanish and joke about the “gran plan”…

0ED95B40-49E3-42A5-B275-627EB905FA20The second group, with a slightly heavier read is the Santana group.  They read and clarify and ask each other (and me) great questions!

C19BEA63-C4CE-475C-AC75-5D9203FDC5B7The last group chose the most challenging read and while they do ask each other questions once in a while, they are studying much more independently than the other two groups.  I think this is reflective of their serious demeanor!

B99D286F-2776-47DD-A6F6-44523B245D69This week we did a “novel study daily report” each day… next week we will shake it up!

A0A0E600-3671-4CEE-A5D8-DCCE88A25DF0With all the stress they’ve had as scholarships were due and they’ve had to start enrolling in classes… and through the senioritis… the laughter and light hearted chats have made me really happy!


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