Huellas has been developed in the classroom with Spanish 3 and 4 students. Each unit is designed for remote or face to face learning and seeks to boost student proficiency through engagement in the language. We hope you love Huellas and that your students see how they can leave their mark on the world!

Carrie Toth

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I’m new to using Huellas this year, and I’ve been really pleased with them in my all-remote level 4 classroom. When I ask my students what they are enjoying about the class, they tell me they especially like it when they get to talk about themselves and make the learning personal, which is what Carrie’s lessons do every time. We are doing Viaja Conmigo right now, because who doesn’t like to fantasize about getting to travel again?!?? I am very much enjoying getting to learn and use CI, even at the higher language levels, and the Huellas units are making it easy and fun (even on remote). Everything I need is right there, ready to go, and every unit can be modified for multiple levels of learners. Highly recommend (just buy the bundles, you’ll be glad you did).

—Wendy Dufoe