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I began teaching Spanish in Illinois in 1994.  I have taught levels 1-4 in a small rural high school, 8th grade introductory Spanish, Biology 1, and Spanish 101 and 102 at the community college level.  My Spanish classes are partnered with the community college to offer students 8 semester hours of dual credit on completion of Spanish 4.  In 2011 my first reader was published with Fluency Matters and I continue publishing through Wayside Publishing today.

My readers:




48 horas


Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos

La Calaca Alegre

La hija del sastre (with Carol Gaab)

I have also authored many teachers resource guides and classroom units for students from novice to upper intermediate.

In 2006 I became National Board certified and I have served as a mentor both for candidates seeking certification in world languages other than English and a virtual mentor for candidates in all certificate areas.  National Board certification is something I encourage teachers to explore.i renewed my certification this year and hope to continue supporting new candidates!

I completed my Masters degree in Spanish education in 2011 and did my research on the use of Understanding by Design to create meaningful cultural units for the language classroom.

In October 2013, I was named ICTFL Teacher of the Year and in March 2014, I was named the CSCTFL Teacher of the Year. In November 2014, I was one of 5 finalists for the honor of ACTFL Teacher of the Year! Not sure how this happened, I’m just a regular teacher doing my best with regular students like everyone else, but I was so thrilled to have the opportunity.

In the fall of 2017, I received National Geographic Educator Certification and am having a great time incorporating science, geography, and the environment into my classes at all levels.

You can reach me via email at carrie@somewheretoshare.com


  1. Hi Carrie,

    Great blog! Question re NBC: Do you know if it is offered for Chinese teacher?


    • It is not. They offer Spanish all of the time and French and German almost all the time. No Chinese unless there is something new I am not aware of. 🙁

  2. Hi, I’m will be starting my first year teaching Spanish 1-5 at a small Catholic high school in Pennsylvania this August. I’ve been looking at your posts and you have some fantastic ideas!

  3. I’m so excited because another teacher in my dept just came to my room and dropped off the dept copies of La hija del sastre… I’m really looking forward to reading this with my class!

      • I have my students come up with what happened next as a new chapter of the book. Of course they get married and have kids and so on.

  4. Hi Carrie,

    I sat in on your CSCFL session. On one of your slides, you had a picture of the ACTFL Proficiency levels and how you posted them on your wall. I’d like to do something similar. Is there anyway you could send me that slide?

    Thanks so much!

  5. Hi how are you? I truly likes your blog.I looked over your syllabus and realized that you taught with Mi Vida Loca video series.Is this something that you still do? If so do you have lesson plans to make it more TPRS like?

  6. Hi Carrie!

    I am in my 3rd year of Spanish and just red your “Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos”. It is one of the best spanish books I have ever read! The story was amazing and I really liked the idea of the spanish culture of bullfighting. Can’t wait to read more of your books!

    – Noah

  7. recently purchase Huellas…. are the units in any particular order? Should I use them in the order they are listed? Wasn’t sure if they were prepared and offered that way.

    • Hi!!! The units can all stand alone! We put them in order so that we could do some building on the different topics across the curriculum but I have used them in a different order in my own classroom with success!!

  8. Hi Carrie, I recently purchased Huellas. Is it set up to do the units in the order you have them. Art unit first and finish with Beauty and the Beast? or should they be done according to proficiency level? This will be used for Sp 3 Honors.

    • Hi!!! We set them up in the order we thought flowed best from topic to topic so that students would build on their language throughout! That said, they can be used in any order because we spiraled in topics so students would be able to use these units individually or as part of the whole! I just started Bajo la Mesa with mine!

  9. Love your Huellas. Used it virtually last year with my Spanish 3. Would love to know if you have something for Spanish 2 or maybe you could recommend something other than Somos?

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