Map Talk

When I started the process of National Geographic educator certification, I was only thinking about the obvious resources… the magazine, the documentaries, the photos… I never knew their MapMaker kits existed! Thank you so much Abra Koch for this inspiration…

But it wasn’t just finding the maps! Abra told me she does “map talks” or “map stories”…. why have I never thought of that!? It is such a great idea!!!

This week, in conjunction with my Arctic Crime Unit, I have used a street map to “map storytell” the backstory of Mrs Claus’s disappearance and the North Polar Region table top map from the MapMaker kits. Both led to a lot of aha moments and a great visual of where things are happening!

Try bringing maps into your stories! I think you’ll love it!


  1. I love this! Ever since you tweeted about becoming certified through the National Geographic Educator Program, my interest has peaked! I’ve been researching the process, their site, and all of the cool resources available to teachers. Your lessons are so awesome, and your students look like they are having a blast learning! Congratulations! It’s amazing how many interactive resources are out there to help give our lessons more pizzazz, which, in turn, gives our students a deeper understanding of the material. Thank you for all you do…you are an inspiration! 🙂

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