Planning S.O.S.

So many times, in January in particular, we resolve to make changes in the classroom. Whether it is in our interactions with the students or with the content, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

If you love using content based units and are interested in making the content YOU love into a well-designed unit for your classroom, Take a look at our Unit Planner for World Languages. The planner includes descriptions of all the fields in the template, a sample plan for a unit I am currently designing, and several sheets that can be printed or edited in Google. I find that it helps me collect my thoughts about the direction of a unit when I have all my resources in one place. To get a little more information on how I plan, check out this Masterclass on YouTube: Sounds Like a Plan.

Interested in PD to that will help make your lessons more engaging and level appropriate? Check out our shop for low-cost, high-yield sessions on Engagement and Intermediate Language.

Love the idea of content based units that you don’t HAVE to plan? We can make your planning a breeze! Check out our upper level curriculum, Huellas 1 & 2. It is available both on TPT and in our shop.

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