Does the Huellas Curriculum meet my needs?

Starting any new curriculum can be really scary! Especially in a year as upside down as this one!! We are facing time in and out of school, remote students and face to face students, and in many cases, less contact hours!

I’m in it with you!! I wrote all of the units in the Huellas packages to use with my own students and as I reworked them this summer, the goal was to go back to school this year confident that I had lessons planned whether I was face to face or remote!

If you’re just hearing about Huellas, check out this blog post to find out more: Huellas 1 & 2 intro

If you have the units but you’re not quite sure how you will use them this year, I posted my Scope and Sequence (along with some thoughts about how it may look different this year).

If you’re already considering using Huellas 1, 2, or both… THERE’S A BOOSTER SALE ON TPT!!! On August 18, TPT will again offer a site wide sale. My site will be 20% off but using the code BTSBONUS20, you can earn an extra 5%!

Huellas 1 is 10 units, 14+ weeks of material in a NORMAL, face to face environment and is complete with face to face and remote plans. We are ALSO adding fillable google slides for all student forms to make it easier to assign them digitally!

Huellas 2 is still in “Pre-Release” pricing! We have TWO MORE UNITS to update with remote plans (unit 5 – la energía renovable, and unit 7 – los años dorados). When those units are complete, the bundle will go to its regular price of $110 but right now it is only $75 (AND THAT WILL BE EVEN LOWER ON THE 18th).

*Don’t forget that the BTSBONUS20 code does not work until August 18th! You can fill your cart now but the discounts won’t apply until that day.

If you’re looking for support throughout the year as you use Huellas 1 & 2, you can always email or visit our Facebook Page. I hope we can have some great collaboration on Facebook!


  1. Hi Carrie, As you update Huellas to add some google docs, forms, or slides, will the updated files automatically load into our google folders or do we need to revisit TPT and upload them again?

    • Hi!! You do have to go back and update the files! We are through at least Huellas 1 unit 6! (Melisa is fast and may have gotten farther but I know she definitely said she finished 6!)

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