What do I Need for Remote Learning?

Teaching Level 1 or 2? You need Somos. No kidding. Martina Bex at the Comprehensible Classroom has done so much work getting her curriculum adapted for ANY AND EVERY Remote situation that you will not have a worry in the world! Plug and play! Try Martina’s curriculum match maker to meet your needs!

Teaching Level 3 or 4? You need Huellas 1 and you can even purchase Huellas 2 as a pre-release bundle (It will be getting some updates as we add remote plans to all of the units in the bundle!)

No matter if you’re teaching level 2, 3, 4, or AP, I also recommend the “All the Cultural Readings Bundle”. This bundle contains readings with follow up questions that can be used with units you already do, as sub plans, or as Free Choice Readings!

Kristy Placido from Placido Language Resources has amazing songs and commercials and has spent the summer getting her curriculum digital world ready! Kristy is ALSO the guru of classroom decor! My llama question word and keyword posters are from her shop!

Jade Collins at La Secundaria is a pro with the level 1 students and she has some amazing cognate bundles and even BOOM CARD bundles!

Nelly Hughes at Comprendes Méndez Spanish Shop writes amazing cultural readings that are available through the Comprehensible classroom and her digital break out rooms on Comprendes Méndez are PERFECT for the remote learning environment!

Alicia Quintero at Teaching Spanish made Easy is offering her short stories in a bundle called Dreaming in Spanish! 17 stories with follow up activities! Alicia says they’re perfect for levels 1-3!

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