Scope and Sequence and Questions

It has been awhile since I shared my scope and sequence and as I sat down to plan this summer, I realized that many things had changed! New readers have come out and I’ve written new units to share with my students.

As Somewhere to Share has released the Huellas 1 curriculum, my Spanish 3 class has changed! I’ve revamped a lot of units and added a couple new ones. My new readers Bananas and Vector have made their way into the line up. I am so excited to start the year.

UPDATED: Huellas 2 is complete!

Huellas 2 is deep into production (units 1-4, 6, and 8-10 are all ready and the other 2 are available already but their remote plans and additions are coming SOON!). My Spanish 4 class will be following the Huellas 2 curriculum this year.

Here is the dilemma… I won’t get everything done that I love to do. While my school IS planning a “Return to Learn” beginning August 20th, unfortunately, I am almost certain that we will be back to remote learning in very little time. (UPDATE: Our Hybrid Plan has been SOOOOO successful. We have not… knock on wood… had to go full virtual yet this year!!! GO Dr. Detering! Our Superintendent is doing this with so much grace and class.) I would LOVE for life to be normal and for me to be able to be in class, with ALLLLLL the students. But it isn’t going to be normal.

My plan is to move as slowly as I need to and just not worry. We will love every unit we get to study and hopefully by next year, we will be back to our regular routine but for now, I am going to plan for 25 minutes of instruction per day and make the most out of every one of those 25 minutes!

Check out my updated scope and sequence level by level here and remember that it is ok in Spanish 3 and 4 to pick and choose your “can’t miss” units!

With the TPT sale on Tuesday and Wednesday, it is the perfect opportunity to adopt Huellas 1. The units in Huellas 2 are all going to be on sale as well. When you purchase the unit, you will get all of the future updates for free so if you want to add them to your library now, you’ll have access to them as we upload the improved versions!

Enjoy the end of your summer and I hope that our planning this summer at Somewhere to Share helps make your transition to this surreal new world easier!


  1. Will Huellas be added to the sale as a pre-order or am I better off waiting for it’s release?

    • Huellas 1 is already on sale and will remain on sale through the TPT Back to School Sale. Huellas 2 is set for release in November (but may be done sooner). Each of its units already exists (just not all with remote plans yet) and they will all be on sale. When it releases (November or before), I will put it on sale for a couple of weeks but probably the TPT sale now will make it close to the same price. As we update each unit, if you already own them, you can just download the updates!

  2. I love your scope and sequence for Spanish 1. Do you have a pacing guide? I have only been able to get to unit 8 and 2 novel units. I’d like to be able to get farther.

    • We condense every SOMOS unit down to 5 class days. We all do different things (ex. My colleague loves the campanadas and I don’t uses them) but we choose what we like then work it into a 5 day lesson plan!

      • Have you taught SOMOS 1 virtually yet? I am putting together my syllabus for level 1 starting in January this year, and am unsure how long the FLEX units will take. I have 4-day weeks with 75 minutes/day.

      • I have not taught SOMOS 1 virtually! Our program has really grown and this year I’m teaching 1 level 2 and 3 threes and 2 fours! I haven’t had ones for about 4 years but I’m about to phase out of even having 2s!!! My COLLEAGUES are using Somos 1 and they’re definitely moving slower. We used to try to do a unit in about a week but I think they’re running more like 7-8 days now.

  3. If my Sp 4 / AP students have not done CI before, where should I start them. Also, are assessments included in these packages? Thanks!

  4. Hola! I came here to look at your scope & sequence for level 1, and am especially interested in seeing how you integrate novels. I am sold on adding Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro. It’s perfect as a first novel, IMHO. It uses humor to build interest as students get the feel for reading something longer.
    I see for your second one, you chose El Nuevo Houdini. I have not yet read that one, and am wondering if you had a specific reason for choosing it. In the back of my mind, I’d like to offer something at the novice level (2nd semester) that starts to introduce AP themes. I was considering Esmeralda, but I’m not sure how to connect it to SOMOS. Do you have any suggestions? I’m open to any title that can be conquered by low level 1s (I get a lot of SWDs, so nothing too complicated).

    • Hi, Kristal! Honestly, I haven’t taught Spanish 1 in about 4 years and the teachers who do just really like the familiarity of sticking with the books they know! We do BB Perro, Houdini, and Piratas in Spanish 1 and they’re successful so they want to stick with a good thing! Esmeralda is a GREAT read and honestly ANY of the early level readers fit well with SOMOS because they all lean so heavily on those same basic structures (have, needs, goes, is, wants, etc)! Silencio, por favor is another really cute, easy, new reader! If you’re looking to incorporate AP themes early, Esmeralda and Silencio would be great. Silencio takes place in Egypt at the Pyramids of Giza so it would work with Beauty and Aesthetics and Esmeralda works great with World Issues/Science and Tech!

  5. Hola Carrie! I was wondering if you could elaborate on your Selena film study unit? Do you perhaps use a certain TPT guide or one you’ve made? I’d love to show it in class this year.

    • We have NOT used a certain TPT guide. Fluency Matters now has a Selena reader that I would like to incorporate at some point but for now we just watch the film together after doing the SOMOS unit “El chico del apartamento 512”. It’s nice to get the song as part of the unit and then learn more about her before moving on!

  6. Hi Carrie! Would you give me some pointers for how you execute your Card Talk activity for Spanish 4, what would I do if I were you? I am familiar with the activity but not sure how to do it with this particular topic (but I would love to start with conditional!). Thanks!

    • Yes!!! I have them do this in pairs. So Zarak and Zach are a pair. Zach says something like “if I were Zarak, I would go to more football games” and Zarak says “if I were Zach I would stop working at Pizza Man”. I do the PQA just like a regular card talk! It can be any verb form! So I can ask “does Zach work at Pizza Man or Zarak?” Zarak wants Zach to stop working at Pizza Man! Zarak, why do you want Zach to stop working at Pizza Man? Class, if Zarak were Zach, would he work at Pizza Man? Where would he work if he were Zach? Who else works at Taco Bell? Etc! Does that make sense? We talk about each pair and make all kinds of funny little side details but keep coming back to if I were…. I would

      • Yes, I think that makes sense. So do you just start out by having them chat with their partners to find out stuff about each other? Or, is it really just a game and they are just making statements about each other without any background info. Thanks for your quick reply:)!! I love this idea.

      • We do it just quick! They don’t talk to each other they just have a pair so everyone in class gets talked about! We dig out the background info and a bunch of funny not true stuff as we talk!

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