Huellas 2!!!

This morning we did a Somewhere to Share live on Facebook. A lot of teachers have been asking about Huellas and we wanted to be sure that their questions got answered. You can find the live video on our page or on Youtube.

During the live, one of our participants asked if we could create a TPT bundle with all of the units in the Huellas 2 curriculum so that they could take advantage of the Back to School sale. This was a tricky question because we have already updated units 1 and 2, 9 and 10 with remote plans and activities but we have not yet worked on the middle 6 units… but we realized that the discount on the bundle price is really important right now for teachers on tight budgets so here is what we decided to do.

  1. We put the bundle on sale at a deep discount. The regular price will be $110 and we are going to have it on sale for $75 until we get the last of the units updated with remote plans. UPDATE: It’s ready! All units have remote plans.
  2. We are going to include this bundle in the TPT sale the 4th and 5th of August, 2020. That means you get up to 25% off of the already discounted price!
  3. We are going to update the units in order. We are actually working on unit 6 right now but after that, we will do 3-5 then 7-8. That way as you move through the plans, you should have what you need ready when you need it!
  4. We are going to work as quickly as possible. We initially planned to release the 10 Huellas 2 units in November but… MAN… you guys surprised us with your interest. We’ve gotten 4 updated already and we are hoping to be able to finish much sooner. As you know, the upcoming school year is going to be insane. From our proofer to our social media chair… we’re all going back to school… so we can’t make any promises but it looks good for an earlier date. UPDATE: We finished in AUGUST!!!
  5. We are so excited to share these plans with you and to be implementing them alongside you this fall. We look forward to your feedback. Thank you for taking the Huellas journey with us and for helping students leave their mark on the planet! (or less of a mark in terms of carbon footprint, we hope!)
  6. We want to connect with you on Social Media. Follow us on Instagram, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, and on TPT.

Check out our bundles here and don’t forget that code! BTS20 gets you an extra 5% off from TPT!

Huellas 1

Huellas 2 (PRE-RELEASE)

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