Digital Learning for Upper Level Spanish and French

It’s so hard to know what to do to engage students in language at the upper levels! We want to challenge them yet make it interesting. We want them to learn language but also learn life lessons… That’s why I write the units I write! By using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a base, I can create engaging units that let my students examine world problems through the lens of their new language.

Now that we are at home, I didn’t want to miss using my favorite spring units in levels 3 and 4!! I always do Mar de plástico in April in Spanish 3 and Basura cero in April in Spanish 4. With the help of Martina Bex, I was able to digitize both! THEN, Marcy Sheldon came to the rescue and helped me digitize Mer de plastique so that the French classes who use it could have access to the new, digital booster pack too! THANK YOU BOTH!

If you HAVE Mar de plástico, this is the link to the new booster pack that will give you a 2 week lesson plan and links to the activities! Mar de plástico Booster Pack

If you don’t have Mar de plástico, you can find it here: Mar de plástico Unit

If you have Mer de plastique, you can find the Booster Pack here: Mer de plastique Booster Pack

If you don’t have Mer de plastique, you can find it here: Mer de plastique

The new Basura cero Booster pack is here: Basura cero Booster Pack

If you need the original unit, look here: Basura cero

While I use Mar de plástico in Spanish 3 and Basura cero in Spanish 4 there is no reason why they are not interchangeable! Use both in both levels if you’re new to the units!!


  1. So it took me a while to read this tab that I opened to keep track of 🙄 haha, but I can’t believe you’re offering these booster packs for free! WOW! Carrie, you are an incredible human being!!! ❤️

    • I’m doing the units with 3 and 4 right now and the digital resources have made it feel a little more like we are together in class! I hope your students enjoy the units too!!!

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