Deja tu huella en el mundo

It’s been a busy summer already and I hope to have lots more to come to help transition to WHATEVER the school year brings. It’s funny, no matter how much I think of an plan for different scenarios, I am SURE what actually happens is going to catch me off guard!

For the new year, I have been working on making my units more connected. I have enough content for an upper level curriculum but I wrote each unit in isolation, they didn’t really flow from one to the next and there was no clear line that showed what students learned in each and carried on to the next.


As the school year kicks off in August, I am planning to launch the first 9 units of my upper level curriculum, Huellas. If you already own my units, you’ll be able to download the updated versions and use them just like new adopters do! In a face to face classroom, these first 9 units take approximately 18 weeks. In a hybrid classroom, or blended with readers like I do, this is a full year’s worth of lessons! Keep an eye out for further announcements.

For French teachers, I have a new upper level unit available now! An adaptation of my zero waste unit by Marcy Sheldon. Thanks Marcy for putting in SO much work. Thanks Donna Tatum-Johns and Krista Kovalchick for all your help too! This unit ALSO has a free booster pack to help teachers adapt the plans for remote learning.

Morat and Sebastián Yatra just released a GREAT song called Bajo la mesa. I love the music but I love the video even more! It is FULL of amazing works of art. In addition to the song as a song of the week and the video as a movie talk, my Bajo la mesa unit has biographies of some of the artists featured in the video, picture talks of their paintings, and some readings about why we need art! It also includes plans for both face to face and hybrid/remote situations!

I’m spending the summer getting MYSELF ready to go back to school and hope that my planning can help make your year smoother too! Thank you so much for your support!


    • Hi! It will be available on Teachers Pay Teachers in about three weeks! If you follow my blog, I’ll be making a post when I share it!

  1. We will start writing our fall curriculum next week! Ack! Is it possible to look an overview and or see a sample unit?

    • HI! I have the Huellas 1 overview made and Huellas 2 is in production! If you follow Somewhere to Share on TPT you can see some images there and if you do not, just email me carrie at and I’ll send them to you! Unit 2 of Huellas 2 is free on TPT and is a good sample of what my work is like!

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