Mar de plástico for Distance Learning

My favorite unit to teach in the spring is Plastic Ocean. I love being able to share this unit with my Spanish 3 classes and I was really looking forward to starting this month at school… but as you know, we aren’t in school!

My friend (and hero) Martina Bex (check out her amazing distance learning plans here) helped me digitize parts of the unit that I would normally do as printable manipulatives in class and my new friend Megan Loveless helped me learn how to assign Google Slides through my Learning Management System (LMS) Schoology.

If you are already using Mar de plástico, I want to share these with you! This is the Mar de plástico DIGITAL adaptation for Distance Learning.

The foundation of the unit is still the original Mar de plástico. Most of the resources in that unit are easy to deliver via your LMS for students to read and respond. This booster pack doesn’t remake the whole unit but it does digitize the floor memory activity and the unit hook!

I hope this helps you bring Mar de plástico to your students even from afar! If you’re new to this unit, check it out here:

Mar de plástico

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  1. Thank you soooo much! I use your Mar de Plástico unit every spring as well and I was wondering how best to adapt it on my LMS. You are an angel! Also, thanks for your kind words of wisdom “if learning without the teacher were easy, they wouldn’t need to hire us back”. So true!!

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