The Twilight Zone

Normally the spring TPT sale has me thinking thoughts of spring break, graduation, prom, honors night, and hopes and dreams for the year’s end and year to come. This year, we’ve landed square in the middle of the twilight zone. We are not going to have those things. Some of us will not see our students again this school year… it’s likely that most of us will not. We’re teaching from home, missing their faces, and trying to find the best education opportunities we can provide while honoring those students with and without internet access… those with and without parental involvement… those with and without an interest in completing schoolwork outside of the school building!

I’ve found a few things that have been very successful for me in my first three weeks of distance learning! The first is music! Through a song of the week, I’ve been able to keep Spanish in their ears in the most low stress way possible. I wrote this unit specifically for the distance learning situation we find ourselves in (AND IT’S FREE)

Tu nombre Song of the Week

If you like the idea of continuing song of the week (these are not free products), most of mine are easily adaptable to this new reality! Some of the easiest would be:


Vas a quedarte





I have some free units of study that could be adapted to the online environment too!

Viviendas del mundo

Orangután en mi habitación

I have a brand new unit that I’ve been working on as well! It isn’t a free one but it was easy to do in the classroom and could be a great enrichment unit for students who are stuck at home! We did a series of “recipe talks”. Several amazing native speaker friends of mine shared their knowledge of the foods in video clips that I was able to use with the students in my class and that I’ve been allowed to share with you!

Recipe Talks

The two day sale April 6 and 7 (Use Code FORYOU to get 25% off) is normally such an exciting time as we are thinking ahead to what we want to do for our final units and in the new year… but this year we’re scrambling to find things that are adaptable to the E-Learning environment. Good luck to you as you face these surreal days. I can’t wait for the day we are all back in the classroom and teaching our students face to face but in the mean time, I hope I’m able to help you find things to do until that day comes!

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