5 days, 5 ways- How can I come closer to the 90%? Day 3

You’ve heard it, maybe even said it, a picture says 1000 words… And it does, doesn’t it?? So if that picture says so many words, why not use it to get some good discussion going in class??

Here are 3 ways to use a picture:
1. Back story- project your photo and discuss it with the class. When they know what the photo is, ask them to give you the back story. This activity works really well with pictures of scared or sad people!

2. What comes next- after the class has discussed the photo, ask them what they think will happen next. This works well with photos of people dropping things!

3. Alternate meaning- some pictures seem easy to interpret but what if there were another (more sinister or funny) meaning behind the image? Ask students what is REALLY happening in the photo! Ex: a photo of a couple on a dinner date. Seems obvious, right? Maybe not! Maybe he is a criminal and she is the unsuspecting victim but the man at the next table (who seems to not be paying attention) is an undercover officer…. There are endless possibilities!

Take those 1000 words and use them to create meaningful language with your class!!

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