5 days, 5 ways- How can I come closer to the 90%? Day 2

I read about movie talk online and attended a workshop at NTPRS in 2011 as well. What a great way to engage students and use the TL in context!

From this video: http://youtu.be/irbFBgI0jhM that I use with my intermediates as part of a unit on the supernatural to any of the birdbox studio videos (wildebeest is great) http://youtu.be/JMJXvsCLu6s, this technique is a wonderful, stress free way to provide input and encourage discussion!

I play the video, pausing every few seconds, asking students questions, getting predictions, and describing the action. Some movie talks we have done have lasted 20 minutes or even an entire period! The kids do a great job keeping the conversation rolling!!

In videos like Alma with a surprise ending, I always stop just before the secret is revealed and then let them watch the whole video without interruption! They discuss the ending after they have seen the whole video!

Give it a try this week! Just remember to go slowly, pause, and enjoy the time chatting with your kids!!

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