Nice and New!

We have new products!! While you’re filling your teacher appreciation carts May 4 and 5, 2021, don’t miss these new additions to the Somewhere to Share line up! (And don’t forget the code THANKYOU21 for 25% off)

FREE: Agua by J Balvin y Tainy

FREE: Tuyo y mío by Los dos carnales con Camilo

French: Ma routine quotidienne

Cultural Corner: El ciclo de vida de la mariposa monarca

Part of the Pre-Order Huellas 1 Booster Bundle, El paraíso es una biblioteca is ready for download! If you do NOT use Huellas and want to explore the library as a basic human right, I encourage you to check out this unit from my dear friend Abra Koch.

New music:

From CNCO Por amarte así Song of the Week

From Dvicio and Nil Moliner (one of my new FAVORITE singers), Epiphany

Movie Talk:

El patito – Check out the commercial here and find the full unit here. (Coming VERY SOON in French thanks to Krista Kovalchick)

In honor of teacher appreciation week, can I also take a minute to thank the Somewhere to Share crew!?

None of this would happen without the proofing work of Nelly Hughes. She is an amazing author and teacher! Check out her books Selena, Minerva, and Mujeres extraordinarias at Fluency Matters. (Hombres extraordinarios is on the way too!)

Melisa Lopez is my RIGHT HAND WOMAN. Melisa makes ALLLLLL the google sheets in the folders and administers the Huellas group page with me. She helps with webinars, with customer service… she’s just the best!

Dylan Brinkmann is my “if you build it they will come” representative. Dylan mans the Collaborative Huellas drive! This year we have around 350 users of Huellas one and 275 users of Huellas two. (So the files are kind of sparse…) BUT we are holding out hope that as new members join the family, the drive will grow and Dylan will be maniacally sorting files before he knows it!

Allison Toth, my number 1 kid and social media manager, keeps me from having an ugly Instagram. (Although she DOES owe me a post for this sale so I’m going to have to talk to her about that…

And Krista Kovalchick, my French teacher amie who has been helping me create a bunch of my units in French this year!

I have an amazing team and I am so grateful for all they do to keep Somewhere to Share growing and creating! We hope to make your planning MUCH easier in the new year!

MOST OF ALL… thank you to YOU, my Somewhere to Share followers and customers. I am so grateful for your trust in me and the content that I create. I am so happy that my classroom can spill over into yours and that we can be doing the same units at the same times! I think that was one of the things that helped me through this HARD year.. you shared so many pictures from your classrooms of your kids using my books, my movie talks, my curriculum… I am humbled and honored that you are leaving your Huellas alongside us!

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