Planning Managed!

There’s a sale at Teachers Pay Teachers today (May 4, 2021) and tomorrow! Everything at Somewhere to Share is 25% with the code THANKYOU21.

Leave your Spanish 3 and 4 planning to us! Huellas is a growing curriculum for your level 3-Ap classes!

Get started with Huellas 1, a 14 week set of lessons that you can implement a la carte or in the order we suggest! Pair the units with readers and you’re set for the school year! See my Spanish 3 syllabus with the Huellas curriculum here.

New to readers? None to use? Add the Pre-Order Huellas 1 Booster Bundle for another 10 weeks of lessons to fill in the gaps! Units 11 and 12 are complete and 13 and 14 are deep into planning! All 5 new units will be ready by mid-July!

Start Spanish 4/AP with Huellas 2 for 22 weeks of lessons that can be paired with readers or authentic pieces. Use the lessons in our suggested order or a la carte! Our scope and sequence for level 4 is in the same blog post as level 3!

Add in some music! We sell many song of the week units individually and as a bundle here.

Spend your summer relaxing and leave the planning to us! Our pilot year was amazing and we can’t wait to have you join the Huellas family. Find us on Facebook here!

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