Getting you ready to go #BTS19

My teacher planner is bought and is ready to be filled! I love my time off but with 10 days until day 1, I am excited to go back and see my classes again! I have learned so much this summer and created a lot of new things! Time to tackle some new topics!!

Teachers Pay Teachers is ready to help us ALL go back to school as well! All of my units, from individual favorites like Basura cero and Mar de plástico… a bundled of a semester’s worth of awesome lessons at 25% off the already discounted price… to new units like En guerra, Viaja conmigo (novice and intermediate units in one package), and Energía renovable, I hope I can make YOUR planning this year easier!

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Don’t miss shopping with Placido Language Resources, The Comprehensible Classroom, and Comprendes Mendes Spanish Shop too!!! We want you to breeze through the year!

Don’t forget to use the code #BTS19 at checkout!


  1. I have to know, where did you get your planner from? I LOVE it!




  2. Yay!! So exciting. I have some gaps to fill for Spanish 3 & 4 so I will check them out. I am curious, are you updating what you are teaching this year on your blog? This was so helpful to pursue last year for ideas.

    I am not sure where “running dictations” originated but I visited a small Christian school in Costa Rica and taught the high schoolers (and teacher) this activity while I was there. So fun! Wouldn’t have had any idea for a last minute vocab plan when asked without this training from my awesome Fluency Matters peeps!

    Did I see you took a group to C.R. this year? If so, could I ask for you to tell me more? I went solo but am thinking of taking a class and it would be my first international trip with students so I am looking for any tips & tricks, maybe especially with sightseeing/getting around as housing and days in San Jose will be covered with the connection to the school there.

    Enjoy your blessed days of summer!!!


    P.S. your planner is WAY cuter than mine:)

    • Yes! I updated them at the end of last year and will do the same this year! I always try to choose the units that are most engaging for the students in front of me so some readers and units of study change year by year!

      I have always done my student travel with Explorica or EF! Send an email and I can answer any questions about either!

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