Song of the Week with a Lesson

I love using music in the classroom but when the video has a great theme, it is an added bonus! I saw the video for Cali y el Dandee’s Sirena and it was so sweet that I knew I needed to create something to not only discuss sign language but also language in general.  Does a language need to be “spoken” to be considered a language?  In this unit we watch the video for Sirena, talk about sign language and learn some signs, discuss whether coding should be considered for world language credit, and even learn about mythical sirens!  From a movie talk to all the cultural connections, this week long unit is perfect any time of year!

My focus structures were se da cuenta, trata de, de nuevo, and aprende.  The thing I love about movie talks is that if you have different targets, it is really easy to adjust the questions you ask using your own choice of words/verb chunks!

TPT sale continues today, May 9, so snatch this (and any units you need for the new year) up while it’s discounted! Nothing makes me feel more excited about a new year than going back with new ideas!

Thank you so much for all your support!

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