Wooly Week, 2018

Everyone at Señor Wooly has been so hard at work making great things for us to use in our classrooms this spring (and beyond!)  It got me thinking about the videos that are coming (which you’re going to LOVE) and the videos that are already on the site!

So many people ask what to do with the video (beyond the obvious watching it!)  I use the Wooly videos to create story units!  I milk a small group of structures from the song and use them to create class stories, retells of the story in the video, movie talks… the possiblities are endless!

I really, really apologize for my darting eyes in the beginning of this video (you’ll notice now bc I mentioned it)… at first I thought I’d try to read you some ideas that I had… but the eye darting was weird so I quit! 🙂  You’ll thank me about 30 seconds in!

In this video, I will share how I use songs that are “too easy”, “too hard”, and right in the sweet spot!  I hope it helps you think of ways to incorporate Sr. Wooly into your curriculum.



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