Be (or don’t be) my valentine! Song of the week!

February is coming and I always debate how to approach Valentine’s day.  Not all of my students are in a relationship… some really want to be, some are in bad relationships, some are uncomfortable with the kind of relationship they wish they had… it is such a touchy topic!

When I heard the song Corazón by Maluma, I thought it might be a fun way to address the holiday without getting too romantic!  Listen to the song if you haven’t heard it!  His heart is broken but he’s decided it is ok because now he can take all the little pieces and give them to all the girls! 🙂

Here is my song of the week packet: Maluma Corazón

If you want to check out others as well, Kristy Placido has a FUN video study of Prince Royce’s Darte un beso… Nelly Hughes has a Morat/Juanes’s new song Besos en Guerra and Martina Bex has Morat’s hit from last year, Amor con hielo.  All are perfect for the season of love!  Fill your February with great music!

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    Thank you for a lovely post, and have a great week! 🙂

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