CSCTFL 16 Takeaways

This was the best CSCTFL I have ever attended… (Well maybe 2nd best since that Teacher of the Year thing was pretty awesome!)  What I saw gave me great hope for the message of language proficiency in the classroom!

  1. Looking at the session offerings, there were SO many that were proficiency based!  Each and every one of them was crowded (at least) or even too full to get a seat (case in point I couldn’t get into either Amy Lenord or Laura Sexton’s sessions.)
  2. Teachers were HUNGRY for ideas to move toward 90% in the classroom!  They were in sessions, they were on Twitter, they were standing outside the doors of sessions they couldn’t fit into, they were sitting on the floor, in the aisles… They are ready to use TL in the classroom.
  3. Literacy is a serious part of a powerful 90% classroom!  From #authres to our TPRS Publishing readers, reading materials were a hot topic!  The tweets from Michelle Kindt’s reading session were great!  #GoBooks
  4. We are thinking outside the box as a profession!  There was a time when teachers limited units to lists of nouns… it limited what students could do with language!  Now we are seeing the bigger picture and students are being immersed in language and culture!  They can use their language to solve problems and to prepare for careers where being bilingual is a plus or a must!
  5. The war of “us vs them” as far as input/output goes is imaginary!  Teachers who use MANY methods worked and learned and socialized side by side.  We are all going into our rooms every day with the goal of creating more proficient, life-long language learners…. LOVE that!  #allforoneoneforall

Looking forward to continued sharing with all of my PLN and hoping CSCTFL 17 in Chicago (where I will be @ictfl president and happy hostess) will bring all of my friends back for another time of sharing!  Keep doing what’s right and spreading the word!


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