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The trip to Spain is open to ALL now!!! Formerly open to ACTFL members only, the proficiency tour is open to everyone!!! Come along!  Develop targeted language and learn to make tapas! 

Lisa Felin Lilley and I are excited to join the ACTFL/EF Collaboration TEACHERS CROSSING BORDERS: LANGUAGE IMMERSION IN MADRID this June 20-28. The trip is now open to Spanish teachers at all levels of proficiency. Each day you will be immersed in the evolving language and culture of Spain: on the street, in schools, in casual conversations and organized discussions. Expand your language skills, explore new teaching practices and delve into discussions about Spanish education and culture. See details via the link below and please share with language educators. Hope you can join us!

Click to access ProfessionalLearning_ACFTL_Madrid.pdf


  1. Is it still open just to teachers? My husband is a bit jealous I’m going because he wants to go too, but I thought it was just for teachers, right?

  2. I’d love to know more details about future events like this! We are building a house this year so I don’t have the extra cash this summer.

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