Spanish 4 Final

I was looking for something that would challenge my seniors to think deeply and use the best language they can to apply language arts style thought to their presentational writing when I found this on Pinterest:

I used her ideas as a template and created a Spanish language version that focuses on what they need to do to reach higher levels of proficiency! 

I made this example and they went to work today!  

They will receive 3 grades on this exam.  Presentational writing, presentational speaking when they present their character to the class, and interpersonal speaking when they ask and answer questions about other students’ presentations!  Intermediate level students “can ask and answer questions on a variety of topics” so they have to prove they meet that expectation!!

Here is my example!  I’ll share theirs next week!  


The exam went so well on day one!  Students had to give the class a 2-3 minute summary of the conflicts their character faced and the ways their character changed and then classmates asked 3-5 follow up questions.  (Each student had to ask at least 3 different people 3 different questions). This part was my favorite because I love seeing the class come up with these insightful things to ask (and they are having a real conversation!!)


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