Spanish 1 speaking final

love this Pinterest pin!

For our speaking and writing they will tell me all about themselves with this mini book!!  The kids have all the culture stuff on the actual exam day so I thought this would be a low stress way to get them to talk about themselves and ask and answer questions! 


The presentations were outstanding!  They were so comfortable telling us all about themselves and the questions from the audience were great!  Having to ask and answer unprepared helped them feel really confident in what they can do at the end of a year of language study! 

5 thoughts on “Spanish 1 speaking final

  1. Were there certain items they had to include in the presentation? Did the panels each have a specific type of information it needed to have?

    • My family, my appearance, my personality, my interests! We have printed proficiency descriptors on the wall so they knew they were shooting for Novice High level at least! They had no required info to include because I wanted them to go wild not stick to one formula!

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