Looking for an anchor for your bullfighting unit? How about a new novel?

There are so many great authentic resources available to teachers who want to create a powerful bullfighting unit, is there anything that could make it tighter? More powerful? Have you tried a novel study?

In March, at CSCTFL, my new novel Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos will make its debut! The novel is written at the novice level in the past tense so it is perfect for level 1 or 2 but the cultural content in the teacher’s guide could expand the novel from an easy read for level 3 or 4 to a powerful debate and discussion at the intermediate level. Remember, it is all about the task. Whatever level you study bullfighting, I think this novel has something to offer!

To help your students build prior knowledge for a bullfighting unit, why not try an activity like “a different perspective.” This background knowledge will help them develop and defend their own opinion about the bullfight.
Una perspectiva diferente blog post

For more activities to link your study of bullfighting to authentic resources and performance based tasks, be sure you check out the Bianca Nieves y los 7 toritos Teacher’s Guide as well! In addition to comprehension questions, activities, and performance based assessments, it addresses the ACTFL-NCCSFL Can-Do statements!


  1. So excited for this! Let me know when it’s available to purchase online 🙂 Will it be on TPRS Publishing?

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