Rosca (Roscon) de Reyes recipe

Two years ago our home economics kitchens were sitting empty. The teacher at the time never cooked with her kids. (Good news for the kids is that our new teacher does love to cook with them… bad news for my cooking days.) I got brave and decided to make Rosca de Reyes with my students. I watched a YouTube video, got the recipe and we baked! Rosca de Reyes Project

My 3rd hour class made the dough. It contains yeast so it needs to rise for a while! IMG_3660



At lunch volunteers came in to separate the dough into balls and form the rings (which also need to rise).

Finally, my 7th hour class baked the bread, made the glaze, and cut up the fruit to decorate it! They turned out so lovely! We met during Channel One time at the end of the day to eat it! (And find the babies of course)IMG_3670



It was fun and it was much easier than I thought. I can’t get in the kitchens any more but if you can, this is a two-thumbs-up activity!

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