Semester Two Exam Choice Board

Update: Here’s a link to a very short flipagram of some of my first day projects.

This has been a really fun exam to grade and the kids did a great job creating their products. They had fun with all of the school supplies. 😉 Here is the big winner so far: Magazine Layout by Mal K.

Whatever your subject, a choice board can be an excellent way to get a look at what students have really learned in class. Allowing choice gives students the opportunity to create the products that they feel best showcase what they know. Levels 1, 3, and 4 are all doing different versions of this same choice board. My expectations of the product will be different depending on the level. Feel free to steal and adapt for your own class.
Spanish FinaL Semester 2 Spanish 3

I am giving them an idea organizer tomorrow so that they can plan ahead for the projects that they will do in the exam period. I get a 90 minute period plus a 20 minute study session so I have lots of time! My semester exam Game Plan

On exam day I will use this rubric to give them their grade. rubricexam14 Let me explain it a little… The left side is for me, the right for them. On the top left, I will mark how many of each point value they completed and then I will mark an X if they receive full credit for each of the grading criteria. If they do not receive full credit I will write how many points they lost and in the comments I will write the reason I took points off. They get to self evaluate and explain why, and I get to collect some comments from them about favorite class memories and things I might clarify for the new year.

It is a new type of exam for me, I’ll let you know how it goes. I had a student take it early today and her products were great! I’ll take some pictures next week from kids of all levels!


  1. Hi, I love your idea and hope it is ok to steal it for my French class! I have done this many times but never for a final exam. Could you tell me how you have students prepare? Do you let them know choices beforehand? If so, do they create the products during the exam time? Thanks in advance for your help1

    • I gave this out today (3 weeks ahead) and they can prepare and plan as we finish the semester. They can’t bring anything to class with them (all products will be created during the 90 min exam period) but pre planning makes it all run more smoothly!

  2. I love this idea too!! Two questions: 1. Do you give them class time and/or direction on how to plan for and create these products? 2. How do you grade it? Do you have a specific rubric for each product created? Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    • I’ll make a rubric based on proficiency for each point category. They have these three weeks to plot and plan… The rest will be exam period only!

  3. I am also trying to give choices for my Spanish classes on final exams and projects Would you mind sharing your choiceboards for your Spanish 1&2 classes? My upper level classes are a little easier, but for some reason I am having a hard time deciding on what options to give my first/second year classes without overwhelming them.

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