Review before the new!

In Spanish 3 we are getting ready to start our Spanish Civil War unit and La Hija del Sastre… Later than usual by far… And I really wanted to review our study of the Civil War in El Salvador so it would be fresh in their minds for comparing!

I decided to use an activity that I learned in a reading workshop with Carol Gaab, gallery walk. First I had students individually list things that they remembered from our study. At first they said they didn’t remember anything but when I reminded them of all of the #authres we had used, it all came back to them! After their solo brainstorm, they worked in pairs to create a combined list of all their facts. When they had their paired list ready, the pairs formed groups of 4 and made an extra large list on a piece of butcher paper. We hung them around the room and the groups of four read everyone else’s posters and then turned in a summary of all they now remembered about the war!

It was a GREAT review and they are feeling confident about the info as we are on the verge of starting a similar study!

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  1. I am also starting this same exact unit. We are making an infographic on the Spanish Civil War, and will begin reading La Hija del Sastre next week. I hope you post your activities, will be very cool for me to see your ideas.

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