Project Ideas: My recent assessments

I’m all for share and share alike! Please post your ideas for assessments and I will share mine! Below you will find the project guidelines and grading rubric for my Infographic project. Students prepared the infographics, presented them gallery style, and then I displayed them in the hallway for a week or so!

I also included my Public Service announcement project guidelines and grading rubric. They did this project as the summative assessment of a unit on Water. They actually followed it up with a fundraiser with which they bought the water filtration system for the school we adopted! Our next big project is the school’s LIBRARY!!! #rightupmyalley This is the link to the PSA that was voted the class winner! It has quite a tear-jerking ending! They made mistakes but the language is all their own and they worked really hard to make a great video!

Empieza con uno PSA project


Grading Rubric Infographic



  1. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! I LOVE the infographic idea that you posted, and I just did it in my class in our last unit. We’ve been practicing subjunctive/indicative, so students chose a topic that they feel passionately about and did some research. We had all kinds of topics–legalizing marijuana, Apple vs. PC, fútbol vs. football…it was great, and the kids were totally into it!

    Thanks also for sharing your rubric…I like that you included “it was understandable to other students.” I’ve been looking for a good way to phrase that, and that hits the nail on the head.

    I appreciate your willingness to share!

  2. I love the infographic assessment idea! Did you and Kristy work together on it? I seem to remember a recent post on her blog too…you two need to get into politics or something. You’re just unstoppable!

    • We didn’t work together on this one but we work together on LOTS of units! She has so much technology, she can probably make REAL infographics!

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