Revamping the writing assessment: essay to infographic

Spanish 4 Narcoviolencia final Projects: infographics! We have limited access to technology at my school so we often have to low tech our high tech projects. This was no exception.

I wanted students to develop writing skills but also wanted to branch out from the traditional essay! The infographics had to contain 5 headings, 1 chart or graph, 1statistic, and 5 paragraphs of 6 sentences minimum. The paragraphs could be spread out on the infographics to describe the required 5+ pictures.

These are some of the finished products. So much more fun to grade (and create) than essays! We presented them today art gallery style. It is a class favorite to present that way. Half of the students displayed their work and the other half were gallery patrons. I served a meat and cheese tray and sparkling grape juice as they toured the infographics.

They received two speaking grades. One presentational and one interpersonal. Each patron had to visit three displays, the artist gave 5+ interesting facts about their research (presentational speaking grade) and the visitor had to ask two follow up questions of each artist (interpersonal grade for both the questions and answers). It seems hard to listen to everyone at once but it isn’t bad. My classes are both 20 so I was only listening to 10 pairs at a time. Since they had to visit 3 posters, I was able to listen to everyone as I served the snacks!



  1. Thanks for sharing this terrific project. We’re working on a “world problems/solutions” unit and, of course, narcotraficantes are a bit topic. Your project makes me feel we could improve by expanding into different directions.

  2. I really want to do this as well but I only have up to Spanish 2, and that class is very small. Suggestions on doing this for Spanish 1? Also, do you happen to have a grading guide that you used? Thanks for any help you can give!

    • You would just adjust the amount of output by level. I expect a lot of writing from my 4s, my 1s would be much more visual! I would be happy to share the grading rubric i used but it has the speaking and writing as one project! 🙂

  3. Would you mind sending me a copy of your grading rubric and also the instructions you gave your students? I would like to have my Spanish III class create an infographic for the novel we are finishing and am working on creating a rubric and instruction sheet and would like to see how you set it all up. Muchas gracias!

      • Hi! I just “found” your blog and am interested in the guidelines you required for this project – have you posted them and I just can’t find them? Thank you!

      • Narcoviolencia Infographic and History Fair

        Here are some topics you may consider for your research, other ideas are welcome with teacher approval:
        • Las personas inocentes afectados por la narcoviolencia
        • Los narcocorridos
        • Los narcotraficantes
        • El Chapo Guzman
        • La economía mexicana hoy
        • El gobierno mexicano a través de los años
        • Los carteles
        • La influencia de los EEUU en la guerra contra las drogs
        • La influencia de los EEUU en el consumo de drogas

        You may use what you learned throughout the unit or any reliable Internet source to conduct your research. Look deeply for how this war affects the people and the politics of Mexico.

        You will be creating your own infographic using the information that you find during your research. You will create the infographic using a half sheet of posterboard. Pairs of students can purchase one posterboard and cut it in half LONGWAYS. Please bring the posterboard as soon as possible. We will be in the lab March 4-7 where you will be able to print anything you need for the project.

        Required pieces of the infographic:
        • 1 chart or graph
        • 5 paragraphs minimum of at least 6 sentences in your own words that detail your research. (No translators)
        • 4-6 clip art or pictures that support your research
        • 1 statistic
        • 5 title bars

        You may:
        • clip from magazines
        • use computer generated images
        • paint or draw images

        Your infographic:
        • Should fill the space
        • Should show creative thought
        • Should be colorful (unless you have chosen to make it monochromatic for a reason)
        • Should contain a minimum of 5 detailed paragraphs about your research
        • Should be evident that you did not use a translator… just don’t do it!!

        History Fair assessments:

        For your assessment you will have a history fair. You will all be expected to display your infographic, ask questions of each other, and describe your work to each other. This day will be conducted entirely in Spanish. Each occurrence of English will result in a grade reduction. You will be evaluated on your ability to converse about your art and the art of yoru classmates on that day.

        • Infographic poster
        o writing
        o culture
        o grammar
        o vocabulary
        • Gallery discussion
        o speaking
        • Questions
        o speaking

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