#chat and Evernote

Have you ever thought of using Evernote during your fast paced weekly chats? It is a great way to quickly organize all of the things you want to look at later!

Open a note and take down any important notes.

Click on any links you’re interested in and use the Evernote clipper to clip them into your note!

So easy and such a great record of the chat! When things have slowed down, you’ll be able to look everything over and enjoy the expertise that everyone has to offer!!!

One thought on “#chat and Evernote

  1. Evernote is such a great tool! Thanks for this idea!
    I didn’t know how to use it at first, but I was trying to be organized and find a better way to collect those artifacts for my evaluation, Danielson Domains 1 & 4. It was easy to add photos, links to documents, and just to keep notes recorded as the year goes on and into the next. Once I met with my evaluator, I just projected it from my computer and emailed notes that they wanted to see again.

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