Never be afraid to fail!

I read a blog post today about the things that innovative educators do. On the list was one of my personal favorites: innovative educators aren’t afraid to fail!

I’m an expert at failing. My principal knows, and expects, disasters in my room! Take horchata day for instance! It was a great idea! No one had ever tried it… But 7 gallons on the floor later, I was reflecting on how this could have gone better!

Only by taking big risks can you see big changes in your classroom! Never hesitate to try something new, to venture down a different path, to take that proverbial road less traveled by! The more you fail, reflect, and try again, the more HUGE successes you will see.

I’m with Teddy Roosevelt! I would rather dare to do mighty things so that I can experience those glorious triumphs. Because THOSE are the days they remember forever!

Keep on failing!


  1. One thing saw on the #educon feed was “Mistake of the Year” award–I really wish I knew a way to Institute this that wouldn’t be more embarrassing than uplifting!

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