5 days, 5 ways- How can I come closer to the 90%? Day 5

Find a topic THEY are interested in. It is so important to avoid the trap of finding a topic that we think they will be interested in! I’m not the first to say it, but I completely believe it! I have done it a million times myself.

So how do you know what interests them? Send out some feelers, look at student interest inventories, go by your intuition… They are willing to share their interests if we are willing to ask!

So what then? Let’s say you find out that a majority of your class is interested in music… Find two or three songs or music videos and bring them to class. Use them to create a discussion about favorite music styles, about popular bands, anything at all!

Our song of the week is Solo Soy by Doctor Krápula. Great for Spanish classes! The video is so positive and they all love the music. We will discuss the video style, compare it to songs we already know, and will describe what we see in the video!

They’re not interested in music? What movie did they see recently? What makes a film “good?” Do they all agree on the criteria?

If you are not up on pop culture, ask a family teen for advice on discussion topics! The kids don’t even know who Julio Iglesias is but boy do they know Enrique!

If you are active on twitter, follow @TMZ for updates on the Hollywood gossip! Sometimes you can find articles in the TL related to a breaking story on TMZ! These are usually a hit!

I hope the 5 days will give you a week of new activities to try as you push to reach the 90% TL goal!

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