Home run for reading

In Spanish 2 we are reading Los Baker van a Perú. It is a good story but since there is not much dialogue, it can drag a bit. I have been using different reading strategies that I learned from Carol Gaab this summer. Yesterday, I broke them into groups of 4. We read the chapter as a competition. So here’s what we did:
Group 1 has the opportunity to translate the first sentence of the chapter. If they are correct they get a point, if incorrect another group can steal for the point.
Group 2 and all others have the same opportunity as we move through the pages.
I offered a bonus point each round if groups did not speak out of turn and were focused. It kept all but 1 student (sigh) on task all hour! We didn’t finish the chapter but they are anxious to finish the game. The highest score gets cookies, lowest scoring group has to wait until all other students have left at the end of class to leave. 🙂 (we are doing that in goodnatured fun not as a punishment!)

I wouldn’t do this every time but it has spiced up a duller part of the book!

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