My Serotonin is Store Bought

I am a migraine sufferer. They were getting so frequent, that my doctor and I were searching for a medicine that would make them less frequent… enter Effexor. It helped cut down on my migraine days… but had a surprising side effect for me. I was feeling down and had no idea! I thought the anxiety and blah that I felt was just how I had always felt… until I felt GOOD. This year’s back to school was completely without the sense of impending doom that the end of summer usually brings! Last Sunday, no Sunday scaries!

This bottle of serotonin boosting magic wasn’t even on my radar because I just thought how I felt was normal… but the last three years have done things to us as educators. I wasn’t myself, but it was like the frog cooking in the water… it happened slowly and I didn’t notice how different I felt.

My classes aren’t perfect. They’re never going to be (kids are humans and so are we)… but it has been a great start to the year. We have done 7 days of class and I feel like things are off to a great start. If you have started back, I hope you’re feeling the same. If you’re still waiting to start, I hope you have an amazing first few days.

I’m looking forward to digging into Somos, Huellas, and Señor Wooly with the kids this year. I am also looking forward to sharing some new songs of the week I’ve been working on! (If you are thinking you’d like to try some new things, TPT has their annual Back to School Sale starting on Tuesday, August 29 and ending Wednesday, August 30. Use code BTSBONUS23 to get 25% off!!

New songs:

Hablando por hablar

Si quieres, puedes

Estoy vivo


Plan A

Llorar y llorar


Huellas 1

Huellas 2

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