So Much to Share

December is a crazy time of year. The holiday season is well under way and for many of us, the semester is rapidly spinning toward its close. We have so many things we want to fit in before the end of the year… but the calendar says it isn’t going to happen! And then there are EXAMS… UGH. Everyone’s nightmare!

Today I wanted to update you on some free MasterClasses I’ll be offering in December and remind you about a spring master class that we offered that might just be of help to you as you plan for exams this month.

Need help planning for exams? Check out our YouTube recording of our May session called “That’s a Wrap“. Hopefully our 5 tips can help you hone in on the perfect exam set up for your classroom.

Interested in tips for boosting student engagement? Join us on December 7 at 7pm CST for “Let’s Get Engaged”, an hour long MasterClass on building student engagement in the language classroom. We will share the links for the session through our email contacts, so be sure you sign up for notifications!

Do you work with Intermediates? Join us on December 14 at 7pm CST for “Level up Intermediate Language”, an hour long MasterClass on moving students from novice to intermediate language proficiency. Again, we will share the links through our email list, so be sure to sign up! (The pop up on this page is the link to sign up, so you might want to refresh to join that list! If you didn’t receive a pop up when you opened the page, you are already a member of our mailing list.)

Don’t forget that the TPT Cyber Monday sale starts tomorrow! Tomorrow and Tuesday (November 28-29, 2022) everything at Somewhere to Share on TPT will be 20% off. Use the code CYBER22 to get an extra 5% off. Fill your basket early to make it easier to check out! If you missed our post about what is new in the store, you can see it here. This is also a great time to stock up on your winter clip chats! We have several! The Present is a good fit for the holiday season and is available in both Spanish and French. Lily and the Snowman is perfect all winter long and is available in both Spanish and French. Saving Simon is also a great all winter long clip chat and is available in Spanish.

Check out our Christmas Word Wall (also part of our Deck the Walls Bundle) if you’re looking to make your classroom walls festive!

We are looking forward to sharing so much with you this winter! Hope to see you on December 7 and 14 in our MasterClasses!

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