We’re Giving You a Hand (turkey)!

If you’re still in school this week (like me), you probably have a lot of attendance issues. We have students who are leaving early for Thanksgiving with family, we had the end of our canned food drive today that took a quarter of the students out of my upper level classes, and we have a lot of kids who are ready for their 4 day break… (YES we are here through Wednesday!)

I didn’t want our time to be wasted this week, so I decided that today, we’d do a listening comprehension activity that would also set our room up for a grateful attitude. We made Pavos de agradecimiento. These turkeys aren’t just a “draw whatever you’re thankful for” type of assignment. This is a true listening comprehension that takes a full class period. It is zero prep for you (just print the script and gather your paper, colors, and scissors), and it is a lot of fun for them!

Students listen and color in each part of their turkey. We heard all the names of the fingers (great for my future medical service professionals) and the names of a lot of prints of textiles (also popular because we have an amazing home economics program at our school). It was a fun way to spend our crazy day. It was also fun to see what all they were thankful for!

When they finished, they hung them on our little clotheslines where they’ll stay until Wednesday. I’ll let them take them home to show their family over the holiday! ­čÖé

Hope that you are able to use this little activity if you are still in school this week! For those of you who are out already, ENJOY! I am so jealous!

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