Corn Kids!

We are wrapping up the unit El que siembra cosecha. I actually worked on this unit with my friend, Abra Koch, about 3 years ago… but as you know, the world changed and the years haven’t given me the time to do all the units I wanted to do for a LONG TIME. Abra was the resident expert on all things corn and agriculture. I learned so much from her as I “Huellas-ified” her resources.

My students loved learning about the many varieties of corn in Mexico, about large and small scale agriculture, about MILPA farming, the effects of NAFTA, and ESPECIALLY about sustainable proteins. They loved that part so much. As I read their unit reflections, I was impressed at what parts of the unit helped them learn the most. They mentioned enjoying the diary (totally Abra’s idea), the sustainable protein chart, and the infographic about the different varieties of corn in Mexico.

As the final assessment, they have drawn and written a description of their own farm. They’re using practices they learned in the unit to run the farms. Tomorrow, they’ll present “speed dating” style to their tables. They can’t read their description, they’ll just talk about the different aspects of farming they are implementing and how they are making sure their farm is sustainable. I can’t wait to hear them!

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