Talking Walls Evaluation

We are nearing the end of a unit on sustainable fashion vs fast fashion in Spanish 4. Students will have their final assessment on Friday (written) and Monday (speaking/listening) and I need some data to know if they’re getting ready or if they need more input. Enter the Talking Walls Evaluation.

For this evaluation, I cut 4 pieces of butcher paper and wrote one essential question from the unit on each.

Groups of four moved from question to question responding with 1 – 2 facts they learned in the unit.

After the groups had visited each poster, they gallery walked through the four posters and read the other teams’ answers.

Now that I have seen the answers the groups came up with, I know that they are confident answering these questions. Their confidence helps ME feel confident that they’re ready to tackle the assessments at the end of the unit.

Tomorrow we will be doing this bullseye evaluation to let them self-reflect on their readiness. Hopefully they feel as confident about their knowledge as I do!

I am looking forward to using this Talking Walls Evaluation in other units. It was a great way to get a look into their thinking as we come to the end of our unit. Hope it works well for you too!

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