Deja tu huella con Huellas

We have SO MANY updates! It has been the busiest summer ever at Somewhere to Share. Our keyboards are smoking! I have so many people to thank and so many announcements to make!

  1. We have been giving Huellas a face-lift! We were hoping to have EVERY unit done by the first of August and we are SOOOOOO close. I am finishing units 1.14 and 1.15 tonight but unit 1.11 isn’t quite ready and the student sheets are taking us a little longer. All of Huellas 2 student sheets are complete and Huellas 1 are on their way! You should be able to download the folders to get our updates at the end of next week! We think you are going to LOVE what we did. That said, I have to thank Nelly Hughes for re-proofing EVERY. SINGLE. UNIT. Dylan Brinkmann for remaking EVERY. SINGLE. STUDENT. SHEET. And Elissa Cameron and Ellen Ericson for reformatting all these documents with the new fonts and the new backgrounds! This update and upgrade couldn’t have happened without team Huellas.
  2. We added THREE new units this summer. In the spring we added an expanded version of Melisa Lopez’s unit La revolución tecnológica, and my unit Ni una más. This summer we added my unit La música originaria and two collaborations with Bethanie Drew (who has really been helping me target in on some AP specific tasks on the last three units). Unit 2.14 is just about to head to proofing and unit 2.15 went into the folders today (student sheets are coming as soon as poor Dylan can get un-buried from the reformatted Huellas documents).
  3. We fixed several things that went awry at the end of the year like the Laverne Cox video link that died in unit 1.15 (Thank you Melisa Lopez – who is expecting her first baby this FRIDAY!!!!). Everything that is in these documents has working links and we have backed up our videos so that we will HOPEFULLY not have any more link failures in the future!

In case you didn’t hear, we have TWO MasterClasses coming up this week. I am not claiming to be a master of anything, we’re just all out here trying to master stuff together! On Monday, August 1, 2022, we’re hosting a Zoom all about Huellas. We think it will be perfect whether you already use the curriculum, whether you’re just about to start, or whether you’re curious to know more. Then, on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, we are hosting a Zoom called Getting your Mind in Back to School Mode. I’m going to share my plans for the first week and hopefully, together, we can get excited to take this ride together again!

The biggest news, TPT’s Back to School sale is this Tuesday and Wednesday! Keep an eye out for discounts in all of your favorite stores! Everything at Somewhere to Share is 25% off with the code BTS22. Our new Huellas 2 booster pack for units 11-15 (if you had the original 10, this will get you what you need to have the full Huellas 2 curriculum) is part of the sale. Unit 14 didn’t quite make it in time, but there is a pre-order product holding its spot and we will have it uploaded early next week.

Thank you so much for supporting my small business. I can’t wait to spend another school year with you. Here’s hoping we don’t get more lemons. I am SO TIRED of making lemonade. I would just love to get some sweet tea this year. Is that too much to ask??

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