Sounds like a Plan

If you made it to our first “masterclass” today, thank you for spending your Saturday afternoon with me. My daughter encouraged me to share a session with you this afternoon and it was great to get to spend time with you today! For those who wanted to come but couldn’t make it at our 3pm time slot, we recorded the session for you and have made the video available here. I hope that this helps you get some new ideas for lesson and unit planning with Understanding by Design at the core.

In the video, I shared our Huellas 1 unit 1, Bajo la mesa. It is in the folder that is shared on the pop-up for this post. It has recently gotten a face-lift (as you’ll see in the video) but the cover is not quite ready. As soon as it is, I will swap out the file in the folder so be sure to check back next week and see if the new document is there before you copy to your drive! Once the updated document is there (the cover will be white with our new logo colors… you’ll recognize it! This designer does amazing work), copy these files to your own drive and enjoy!!! We hope you love them! The new Bajo la mesa unit also has some upgrades. We hope you love those too.

I also shared our proposed scope and sequence for the 2022-23 school year. As we know… things can change without warning now. So don’t hold us to our plans! We think next year is looking really bright. This year we started pretty far behind our normal pace but the kids rose to the occasion and they’re thriving again. They always amaze me. We’ve had our ups and downs, don’t think we haven’t… but we have made it!

I mentioned our printable proficiency descriptors in the video. You can find them here. Another thing you might like if you are helping your students level up from Novice High to Intermediate level is our Enriquécete (or also available in French as Enrichissez-vous). These are 100 words that AP recommends as transition words made into little dollar bills that can be printed, cut, and put in a basket to use on test days. I love using them because by the time my students hit level 4, they have to look through the basket quite a while before they find just the right word because they already know so many!!

I hope our planning masterclass helps you as you think about your next unit. How can you make room in your planner for a unit YOU are excited about? How can you make sure you design with the end in mind? And how can you make sure your students are the heart of the unit? Let us know what you thought of the session!

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