Something New Just for You

My school has fared very well so far with covid absences. We are masks required and we have 1:1 devices plus hotspots for kids who do not have internet access at home so we are able to do synchronous class for our kids on quarantine. It has been as close to a normal year for us as we’ve had since the beginning of the pandemic.

When we came back from break, I wanted to jump in with my new group of students with a winter themed clip chat. My friend Nelly Hughes (who has a lot of amazing items in Martina Bex’s Comprehensible Classroom store on TPT) showed me this video and I fell in love! I have always done Lily and the Snowman in Level 1 (also available in French) but I didn’t have anything for my level 2+. I knew this video was the answer. It is like the Edgar Allan Poe (lite) version of Lily. Meet: Salvando a Simón!

Don’t forget that if you own the “All the Movie Talks” Bundle, you can go back to TPT and download this resource for free!

In addition to this Clip Chat, we have a new Song of the Week, just in time for Valentine’s Day – Queriéndote by Chyno y Nacho! Thanks so much to our own Dylan Brinkmann, Zumba Instructor and Spanish Teacher extraordinaire for bringing us this one!

If you own the “Every Song Bundle” be sure to go download this song, it has been updated and added!!

Monday and Tuesday (January 17 and 18, 2021) we are going to put everything at Somewhere to Share on TPT on sale for 20% off. Our Huellas curriculum has remote plans as well as our new Saving Simon movie talk. We hope that these resources will help you if you DO find yourself back in the remote or hybrid boat again!

Keep your eye on our Instagram and Twitter @senoracmt for an upcoming Sustainable School Year giveaway!!! We have so many goodies for you!

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