Let’s Play Marker Partner

Back at the beginning of the year, I made myself a big promise. (If you would like to read about it… it is here.) I have done pretty well, but let’s be honest. The lines of what I can and can’t accomplish are blurrier all the time.

THIS game is something I can easily do. No matter what we’ve read, it is an easy, almost NO PREP activity. (If you have a teacher’s guide or any comprehension questions pre-made at ALL, it is no prep.}

I made clips for this tutorial video with my students as we were finishing Huellas unit 2.2 Orangután en mi habitación back in… September… but hadn’t had time to put it all together until now. Hopefully armed with this little game (that I learned from the INCREDIBLE Cynthia Hitz), you’ll be able to easily adapt one of your planned activities for the week with Marker Partner with no additional prep!

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