Using Dreaming Spanish in Level 2

Thank you to Pablo Roman Humanes at for not only your amazing YouTube content, but also for giving me permission to make this post!

Since… well, a long time ago… my Spanish 2 class has been doing Mi vida loca as a brain break. These little 10-12 minute videos plus a worksheet to help them understand the Spanish they’re hearing, have given them exposure to an accent besides mine in an engaging format. But, it’s time to face facts. Mi vida loca is well and truly dead.

This year, it was time to figure out what we would use to replace it. I was wandering around the internet when I stumbled onto Pablo’s AMAZING videos and I knew they were just what I was looking for. In level 3 and 4 we watch El Internado Laguna Negra and Pablo’s voice is JUST what my level 2s need to prepare their ears for the language that is about to come their way!

So we dived in. We began making little worksheets that helped students visualize what Pablo was telling them as he made comparisons and told stories. It’s great because the deeper we get into the episodes, the more confident they are understanding without our help!!

If you haven’t checked out Pablo’s work, I would encourage you to try it out and if you’d like to use the episodes we’re using, this is a link to the worksheets we’ve already made (and more will be coming this quarter). We plan to show episodes through Christmas and then in the spring we’ll begin our first episode of Internado!


  1. ¡Muchas gracias por compartir! Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Tiene muy buenos recursos. Tiene unos videos culturales sobre Pamplona, Barcelona, Picasso y Guernica también que usé como actividad independiente en un Google Form el año pasado con la novela Agentes secretos de Mira. Te recomiendo esos videos también si te sirven.

  2. Love this post! I have used Pablo’s videos with a variety of levels of Spanish classes. They came in handy for providing input while I was out for two weeks with COVID! His drawings add the necessary comprehension piece that my kids need. I, too, have provided video viewing guides for my kids, so I’m anxious to check yours out!

  3. This is amazing, Carrie! Thank you for sharing so generously!! I have been using Dreaming Spanish here and there for several years but without any kind of follow-up. This is just what I need to bring more focus to the input!
    Muchísimas gracias!!

  4. Your generosity in sharing these materials was a bright spot in a very difficult school day. I’ve been thinking of using the Dreaming Spanish videos with my Spanish 2 students…but have been stalled due to lack of time to figure out the “how” of it all. Your viewing guides give me that how and now I have a jump-start on getting this rolling with kids. I can’t thank you enough!

  5. Funny that I stumbled on this blog post. I have been learning Spanish on my own for the past couple months when I found Dreaming Spanish. So far I’ve watched over 130 hours of content there (every superbeginner and beginner). Pablo has single-handedly improved my listening abilities to an intermediate level in just a couple of months.

    I stumbled on your website, because I decided to buy a bunch of TPRS books to help with reading comprehension. I ended buying mostly Spanish 3 books and just started reading La hija del sastre tonight. Looking forward to reading it!

    • Pablo is the BEST! My students can feel their listening skills improving!!! I think you’ll notice the same with the readers! I work for Fluency Matters and accidentally learned to read French by making the ECourses for our French readers!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing resources!
    Do you mind sharing how your class complete the worksheet? Do you scaffold the activity or do they just watch the whole video and complete the worksheet? I know you explained how you do it in your post, but I’ve never used Dreaming Spanish videos in my class, and would like to try it.

    Thanks agan!

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