It’s so Hard to Choose

We know that school budgets are tight and hope that our handy shopping guide will help make it easier to choose the “must haves” during the Back to School sale at TPT August 3 and 4, 2021!

If you can “Have it All”:

We recommend the Huellas 1, Huellas 1 Booster, and Huellas 2 curriculum packs! These lessons are built for in person and remote learning so that as the situation changes throughout the year, you’re ready for anything!

Love music? Try our “Every Song Bundle“. This growing bundle includes every song in the store and as new songs are added, you get to download them without an additional purchase.

Want to try getting more input through movie talks? Try our “All the Movie Talks” bundle. Also a growing bundle, this is the best way to be sure you have access to all the new resources as they’re released!

Our “All the Cultural Readings” bundle is so flexible! Leave the readings as sub plans, print them for your SSR/FVR library, or use them to supplement the units you’re already teaching.

If your budget is “basic”:

Start with a couple of our favorite units and then add more as finances allow. We recommend the free Huellas 1.1 unit Bajo la mesa, Huellas 2.4 El agua es vida, and Huellas 1.10 La Bella y la Bestia to get a feel for the curriculum and to gauge student engagement!

Try out some of our new songs like Epiphany from D’vicio, Ropa cara from Camilo, and Libertad from Nil Moliner.

Try your hand at a movie talk with our Patito, The Present, and Round Animals (all also available in French! Caneton, Cadeau, Round Animals).

Don’t forget to shop all of your favorite stores during the sale!!

Nelly Hughes at Comprendes Mendes SpanishShop has a great back to school commercial bundle.

Kristy Placido at Placido Language Resources has the best wall decor around so be sure to check out all of her bulletin board ideas. Try your hand at Calendar Talk with this awesome kit.

Martina Bex’s SOMOS curriculum is on sale! I have used both the original and Flex and they’re all outstanding.

Jade at La Secundaria can help you incorporate social justice into your curriculum with her word study!

And Hidesy’s Clipart… The prices are already ridiculously low so stock up on all the kinds of clipart you need!!

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