Curious about Huellas?

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to resources for your classroom. As we work to update units with can-do statements and essential questions this summer, we hope you’ll take a look at unit 1 of Huellas 1!

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  1. Senora I will teach for first time Spanish 4 next school year, a college recommend me to use huellas. Can you explain me what level is it? For what I read is like somos form Martina bex, which huellas should I use for level 4/5. I already read the books you recommend from fluency matters can you please tell me for level 4/5 what grammar/content we have to cover? What huellas units you recommend me, to start. Thank you.

    • Hi, Maggie! Huellas 1 and 2 are a good fit for students in levels 3 and 4. I use Somos in my Spanish 1 and 2 classes. I wrote the Huellas units to help keep my students learning after Huellas! For level 4 and 5 I think you can use either of the Huellas programs. If you use Huellas 1, you will start with units that are designed around stories and then move into units that are designed around cultural content (food/medicine). In Huellas 2, the units are pretty much all designed around topics like sustainable development, the ocean, waste management. I recommend starting with Bajo la mesa (the free first unit in Huellas 1).

  2. Hola Carie,
    Can you switch between Huellas 1 and 2 or would you not recommend that? I’m looking at it for a level 4 class.

    • You absolutely can! When I wrote the units, I used them in a lot of different orders! When I had enough to build a curriculum for my students, I started trying to organize them into a pattern that felt right as far as building one on the next! That said, each is designed to be a stand alone unit! You will have no problem mixing and matching!

  3. Hola! I find it impossible to complete all the Units of Somos 1 & 2 within 2 school years! I’m wondering if there are units you skip in those in order to make it to Huellas 1 by Spanish 3 and Huellas 2 by Spanish 4???? Trying to figure this out before I approach my admin with a request for Huellas 1 & 2. Thank you!

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