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I am NOT going to lie. This has been a crazy year. I was in a very dark funk from about November until February. I was struggling to just have the energy and enthusiasm for MY students and there was nothing left in me to draw on for making new materials! It was really a rough patch.

BUT the sun is shining, the faculty at my school is by and large vaccinated, and I am back with my students face to face. There was an almost immediate spark of needing to MAKE THINGS! They just feed my soul!

We want to introduce you to two new favorite songs:

Epiphany by Dvicio with Nil Moliner is a BOP! (There is a very awkward scene of hip thrusts in the video but there is an awesome acoustic alternative if you can’t bear to share it with your classes. Mine didn’t even make a stir about it)
AND Por amarte así by CNCO This song is just GREAT… who doesn’t love CNCO. The video is great and I LOVE getting reps of the word así!

AND for the first time in HISTORY, we got the paperwork through to secure the rights to the lyrics so fast that we hadn’t even put the song up yet before the permissions came in!!! THAT’S FAST! If you’re a teacher author and using songs of the week and want info of how to do it the right way, after A LONG LONG LONG twisted path of trying to find out who to contact, we now have some good info on how to buy the rights to use the songs as TPT products! Email me if you’d like to hear more!

IN FRENCH: Thanks to the amazing Krista Kovalchick, we can bring you our the Daily Routine unit as a French unit now!

Thank you for your support! Teacher authors couldn’t do it without our colleagues!

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