Huellas 1 is Under Construction

It was an amazing launch year for Huellas 1 and 2. I am SO grateful to the teachers who used my units and who gave amazing feedback throughout the year. Our Huellas Facebook group has let me see all the ways YOU are using the units in the classroom and that is a 100% inspiration in MY classroom!

Huellas 1 is a shorter curriculum than Huellas 2 and when I use it, I read 4 readers with my students along side the units… and not everyone has that privilege! I know budgets for classroom materials can be TIGHT! I decided to expand Huellas 1 for those who do NOT have access to readers and also to offer more choice! If you don’t connect with one unit, our Huellas 1 Booster Pack will offer options to swap it out for a different topic!

We are also thrilled to be able to pick the brains of colleagues Abra Koch and Bethanie Drew to bring you these new units. Working with like minded educators to share new content is THE BEST FEELING EVER!

TPT is hosting a sale April 6 and 7, 2021. We have created some PRE-ORDER PRODUCTS for our Huellas users. In the fall, when the full Huellas 1 booster pack launches, it will be $70, we are offering at a pre-order for $50 (with an additional 25% off using code FORYOU21 during the sale). We want to do this as a THANK YOU to those who jumped on board with a BRAND NEW CURRICULUM this year and trusted us with your students!

The Pre-Order Booster Bundle includes:

1.11 Compra menos y haz que dure – Available now

1.12 El paraíso es una biblioteca – Available mid April

1.13 La ciudad nunca duerme – Available mid May

1.14 El que siembra cosecha – Available mid June

1.15 No basta con hablar de la paz – Available mid July

4 thoughts on “Huellas 1 is Under Construction

  1. Yeah yeah yeah and yeah!!!! I’ve so enjoyed teaching these units! They are a perfect level of challenge for my teaching situation- 4×4 block! I love the topics, the songs, and the activities!

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  3. Do we need to buy the booster if we own the Huellas 1 & 2 bundles? I’m not sure if these are separate or if you will be adding them to the bundles, too.

    • Hi! This is a separate addition! A lot of departments aren’t able to adopt readers so hopefully this will allow for more content to replace the ones I suggest in my scope and sequence OR just offer some choices for teachers who don’t click with a certain unit!

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